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When everyone is focused and committed to their goals and has a clear mind to make decisions and take action, company performance increases and the business can grow 150% faster.

Created To Rebalance, Refocus and Rebuild High Performance Teams In Times of Economic Stress and Turbulence.

Teams that work hard need time to reset and recharge their mind. Our Corporate Wellness Retreat can provide this environment.

After working long hours and hitting milestones each quarter, teams need time to destress and re-energize.

When everyone is working on the day to day of the business, sometimes the overall vision and strategy get lost in the details.

That’s when the team needs to come together to regain focus and clarity to make sure the company’s future stays on track.

At our corporate wellness retreat, we offer focus sessions to get teams aligned with the purpose and clarity of how they can best fulfill the potential of the company.

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What Our Delighted Guests Have To Say

Julie 60 - CFO - Chicago, IL

Julie came to the retreat wanting to break free from 20 years of sleeping medication use. After a breakthrough with our providers, she’s successfully stayed off sleeping meds, stopped eating meat, reduced alcohol and committed to losing 20 lbs. She left the retreat with a renewed sense of purpose to take the next steps in my career and take on board leadership positions.”


Thomas - Phoenix, AZ

Thomas was looking for a big reset in his life. He had a breakthrough in his psilocybin session and found a renewed sense of purpose. He’s since gone back home and committed to taking action to be more connected to his family, spend time in nature and keep growing spiritually with a journaling and meditation practice.


John - Napa Valley, CA

John came to find a deeper meaning and purpose in his life. After his guided psilocybin experience he went back home committed to reconnect with his daughter and live his life for himself. He’s since traveled to Italy for a car show which he’s passionate about, has been eating healthy, and hasn’t drank alcohol since his retreat.


About Psilocybin

Our Psilocybin is carefully curated to facilitate a deep connection with your inner self. Its properties are known to enhance mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual awakening, creating an environment conducive to personal growth and healing.

Why Corporate Wellness Retreat?

Sayulita Wellness offers corporate wellness retreats for mental health for companies that want to improve the wellbeing of their staff, reduce stress, improve mental health, and increase productivity.

Case Study: Javier 60, Software Executive

”After struggling with anxiety, depression, and PTSD since my 20’s I had a marvelous reset at this retreat. I was able to let go of past trauma and find a deeper connection within myself. After the retreat with the help of the Sayulita’s team I built a better wellbeing practice of meditation and yoga that I was able to stick to. Also began focusing more on my growth in my career and by making investments and working smarter instead of harder.”

Andrew and Javier

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Corporate Wellness Retreat

Group Sizes: 6-30

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