Sayulita Wellness Retreat

Our All Inclusive Mushroom Retreats

4-Day Retreat

$4,997 USD per Person

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About Psilocybin

Our Psilocybin is carefully curated to facilitate a deep connection with your inner self. Its properties are known to enhance mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual awakening, creating an environment conducive to personal growth and healing.

7-Day Retreat

$7,997 USD per Person

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7-Day Exclusive Private Retreat

14,997 USD per Person

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • $4,997 – 4-Day All-Inclusive Retreat(Psilocybin)
  • $5,997 – 4-Day Couples All-Inclusive Group Retreat (MDMA)
  • $5,997 – 3-Day Couples All-Inclusive Group Retreat (MDMA micro & Psilocybin)
  • $7,997 – 7-Day All-Inclusive Retreat (Psilocybin)
  • $7,997  – 5- Day Ibogaine Retreat 
  • $8,997 – 7-Day Couples All-Inclusive Group Retreat (MDMA)
  • $9,997 – 4-Day Couples All-Inclusive Private Retreat (MDMA)
  • $11,997 – 7-Day Ibogaine Retreat 
  • $14,997 – 7-Day Couples All-Inclusive Private Retreat (MDMA)
  • $14,997 – 7-Day All-Inclusive Platinum Retreat (Psilocybin)

You’ll want to book your flights to Puerto Vallarta Airport (PVR). Arrival time should be on the the 1st day of the retreat. The best time to arrive is early afternoon. Check in time is 2pm and it takes about 45 minutes to get from the airport to our facility. If you have an international flight that doesn’t have a convenient arrival time we can still pick you up 24 hours/day with our private drivers.

For departure flights you’ll want to book on the last day of the retreat. Checkout is at 12:00pm and we schedule pickups to the airport about 4 hours before international flight departure to accommodate for traffic or delays.

If you’d like to extend your stay or come early to Sayulita/Puerto Vallarta to experience the beautify the area has to offer, we can pick you up from your hotel or accommodations instead of the airport. Same with drop off on departure.

Please DO NOT book any flights or accommodations before completing your registration for your retreat dates. Spaces go fast!

Thanks to the last 40 years of tourism and influx of expats purchasing homes and investment properties in the surrounding areas of Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita this region of Mexico has become very safe. We have the highest value real estate in all of Mexico, are a few miles from Four Seasons and other 5 star resorts and Sayulita is known for being a great place to raise a family with community development such as libraries, private schools and family centered events the community has become very safe with virtually no crime.

We also vet our drivers and team members to make sure that every step of your journey to and from our facility is safe and secure.

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